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Repost from 2017: Jhaydii Turns 5

Time wanes so fast (gasgas na intro ko haha)…

Our eldest is now 5, she celebrated her birthday on March 21. And of course this is one of the important celebrations in the family so I had to take a leave of absence from work and be there with my family. May isip na ang anak natin and they will remember everything when they grow up.

The plan was just a celebration in her school on OLGS with classmates, and then nothing na at home.

But before that….

The night before her birthday and when she was already sleeping, my husband and I prepared our surprise for her. Decorating the spot where we are going to throw her a surprise! And here it was.

Wall Deco

She needs to wake up early because they still have a class. She woke up before 6AM, and then I guided her to the table underneath the decoration. She was speechless when she saw the wall 🙂 Bagong gising eh, reaction-less hehe.. Antok pa 😉

Kiehl also was already awake. So after opening her gifts, we had them picture taken. Siblings!
JD and Kiehl on Her Bday

In school..

We went to Jollibee Mexico to order foods for her classmates and teachers and also her classmates’ guardians. Total bill was Php2,440. We just had a kiddie meal so it already includes a toy, and the rest are chicken with spag. At 9:00 am, on the dot, we headed to her school and brought them JD’s treats for her classmates and teachers.

Here are the photos

JD blows candle

Jd with inay

JD with us

JD and us

But the kids’ guardians were not there so we had to take home theirs 🙁

While at home 🙂

We prepared spaghetti and pancit… Had ice cream and cakes… Just a simple celebration to make her birthday more memorable for her.

As we were eating she kept on asking

“Mama did you enjoy the party?”

I said “Of course I am!, did you enjoy it?”


JD at home with deco

JD st home

After the party, we played ball. And then she suddenly picked a flower and handed it to me.

“Mama this is for you, thank you for all the things that you gave me today”

Aww so touching! You are most welcome baby! You deserve it!

We wanted you to remember everything, we want this celebration to be as enjoyable and happy so it will leave mark and will etch on your heart and mind forever….

Thank you so much for being a sweet, loving and good daughter. May your wish and dream do come true! God bless your journey on Earth baby! Stay healthy and safe, please God…. Thank you Lord God for giving her to us and for everything… We love you!


Mama Dhy, Daddy Jay and Baby Kiehl