Baby Breastfeeding

The End of My Breastfeeding Journey

October 2017: And the last has come to an end. I weaned my son after sixteen months of breastfeeding.

The team and tasks I have now requires more analysis and sitting down, and have to focus on the deadlines. No reports should be missed to submit on time. What even challenging is that, I have to extend for another 7 hours or so in order to finish the report.

That made my production diminished. I wasn’t able to pump on time, worst, I wasn’t able to pump in the office. And when at home, I also did not nurse my son, I have decided not to, to finally stop him from latching. One reason also of weaning him is – he wants to latch sa nag aalaga sa kanya while I am not beside him at night haha. He lifted her clothes,  begging to nurse him but cannot. Sorry baby.

Because direct latching is one of the reasons for you to have milk for your baby, which I haven’t done for a week, and because I skipped pumping in the office, my milk now is starting to bid bye to me ?? I tried to get back to expressing milk since Monday October 16, but oh no, I only had 3oz – that’s after 2 days of my last pump. I only get 1oz in a day, that’s how konti my milk na.

The milk I pumped after 3 days of not pumping in the office

I have given my son the best and most nutritious food for 16 months, I believe it’s already a big achievement for us. Congratulations to me

I now need to allot money for his monthly formula milk, more than Php1k a month huh. That’s how important breastfeeding is, aside from the health benefits, it also has a financial benefit- it is a big savings.

Thank you God for giving me body that is able to produce milk for my son. It was a big help for him to be healthy and strong. And it also benefited me I keep my sexy body! Chos just kidding!

For all the breastfeeding mothers out there, just keep giving the best for your kids. And God bless your breastfeeding journey.

Thank you and God bless!