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The Furby Story

Hindi pwedeng hindi ko to iblog kahiya hiya man sya pero okay lang…

Here’s why….

An hour after lunch, I and She went to Toy Kingdom in Mall of Asia to buy some
toys. Hers are gift to her staff and mine is a present for Jhaydii as a reward for being an achiever this third quarter. It’s my surprise to her, she didn’t know that I’m going to buy her a toy. Gusto ko sana yung grocery pets na sinasabi nya kasi she always says she wants it. And I also promised to buy her Shopkins kapag kasama sya sa top 5 and if she gets a star on her card.

She did have a star on her card pero she wasn’t able to be on top 5, rank 6 sya but it’s okay kasi ang laki ng itinaas ng mga grades nya. And additionally, her daddy went up to the stage with her to receive an award, a certificate of recognition, with honors. Ang saya di ba! Proud parent here

She was so innocent of her achievement. Bakit daw sya naka uniform and bakit daw kami pupunta sa school, papasok daw kami haha. As we were seating in front of the stage before the recognition started, I explained to het that she’s going to get up to get an award. She asked me how will she and daddy get it. San daw dadaan. And I showed her where…. Sorry, her first time haha… During the first grading, she was ranked 6, with an average of 89.6 – muntik na, kulang na lang ng 4 points so she’d be included to be with honors. Second quarter, she didn’t make it again. She was ranked 9, bumaba because she was a week absent and missed her classes due to flu… Kaya it was her and our first time.

Okay… going back to the toy… I wanted to surprise Jhaydii so I went to Toy Kingdom to buy. I already had two items on hand, the barbie and the peanuts toy for kiehl. And I passed by to this cute Furby toy na 20% off… I asked the staff’s assistance to see what’s inside.

Furby Connect

Ang cute nya and ang ganda! Ang sarap hawakan…. and for sure matutuwa si jhaydii dun and even Kiehl. Since I liked it, I told the staff “give me light pink” and she escorted me to the cashier.

While I was there and the cashier is punching the items I bought, the staff who assisted me told me na it needs 4 double A batteries and also cover the eyes by the eye shield to turn the Furby off, it has no on off daw kasi. And I handed my atm card to pay and wow I was shocked when I saw the total bill swiped! Php4,099.75!

I was like, “4000???? Wait miss pwede ba icancel kasi akala ko 400 lang eh, sorry” and they say, “cancel daw po akala daw po 400”

furby c

Yes it was bashful! And I was so ashamed of what had happened.

“Yes mam pwede po icancel, ay mam kaso po pala atm to, 2 to 3 weeks pa po mababalik sa account nyo”

“Okay lang” sabi ko…

Pinagpawisan ako ng bongga. Nakakahiya sa mga kasunod ko sa pila.

But it was the right thing for me to do. I wouldn’t spend Php4k for a toy which has no real benefit for my kids. Not even educational ??.

Sorry talaga sa abala TK staff.

Nagtaka ako while I was heading the cashier kasi I was escorted by he sales staff, kaya pala ganun kasi I am about to buy a high value item.

Naabala ko din She, I think it took us thirty minutes to settle the documents…

Grabe talaga….

Lesson learned… Look closer at the price before paying for it and syempre pay attention to the cash register kasi if I am not looking at it kanina and was just handing my atm and getting it back without paying attention to my total bill, baka hindi ko na mapacancel yung item….

so there you go mamas… my unforgettable experience for today….

And I know Jhaydii will be very happy I have a present for her, no matter what it is and no matter how much it cost… Lalo na pag surprise…

So till next quarter again. Expected na namin that mas mababa sya because her grade will be an average pf the four quarters wherein mababa yung 2nd quarter.

But still, it’s okay… We are still and always proud of her…

Kayo mommies, do you also have an experience like this?