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When Ate is Sick, Baby Kiehl Gets Sick and Vice Versa

October 2017:

Oh hello everyone! Welcome me back! It’s been a while that I am not writing anything here. I should have shared something else about my breastfeeding journey, about ate Jhaydii, how life of a mama goes on. But sometimes I feel the lassitude that I opted to just sleep on the bus as I travel from and to work. It’s like a rest for me instead of spending time awake and writing.

Well, so I thought of updating again while in the LRT, and share the what abouts of my kids.

We were just at the Calcutta hospital for daddy J’s anti rabies vaccine and since we’re there, we brought with us Ate Jhaydii and Kiehl, ate is sick since Sunday having a fever as high as 39.9 yesternight. The fever is caused by the hard cough. And because it’s viral, Kiehl is also starting to get infected., last night he alao had a fever. They were checked by Doc Ordoñez and prescribed antibiotics. Hope they will get better soon.

Worried for the fever these days because of the Japanese Encephalitis hype, good thing the fever is accompanied by a sign so worriless now.

Ate who weighed 18.80 is down to 18.60 and then 17kgs now. Lost more than a kilo for being sick for four days.

Thank you Philcare for free consultation and free anti rabies injection of my husband (Costs 5,500 each injection for 4 dosage), ayaw sana namin magamit but thankful we have it.

So mommies, mamas, inay – I know no matter how hard we are in taking care of our kids, sickness can’t be avoided sometimes. All we have to do is to keep on praying that our kids will be healthy and safe all the time, and ask God’s protection.

Thank you!

God bless us!