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Who’s Not Worried?

September 2017: I cannot remember when did I come across an FB post about the passing of a teenage girl because of the Japanese Encephalitis, what I’m sure of is it was this year. The story told by the mother disturbed me and thought of inquiring if my kids’ pedia has this vaccine, until it went off my head.

Now JE has gone viral, I mean in social media. I’ve read many news that it’s widespread and that most of the cases are in Central Luzon. Who wouldn’t be worried by that? We live in Pampanga and we are always bitten by those annoying mosquitoes, even left marks on my kids’ legs, grrr…

Two weeks ago, Jhaydii got fever, we panicked because we didn’t know why. After their school presentation on Friday during Buwan ng Wika, she went home hot and with fever. Then got worst during the day and night. I texted pedia whether we need to bring her to the ER because her fever was high as 39. Later on a Friday night, my husband told me that Jhaydii was telling him that her throat was painful. It somehow gave me a relief, her fever was due to the tonsillitis.

On Saturday morning, we brought her to the pedia and luckily we’re the first patient. Pedia checked her and saw that her throat had white wounds some were large, that was the cause of her fever. No worries now ? Thank God! She just had antibiotics. She was well on Sunday.

We spent our day out in Robinsons Pampanga and went home at 330pm. Kiehl was warm and had fever, oh my! Checked the temp and it was 38+, again, we were worried. It’s hard to check his throat because he was moving and did not allow us to see it. Came Sunday night and his fever was as high as 39.8 ? Another sleepless night!

Again, pedia time on a Monday morning, so many patients this time. Doc checked Kiehl, he was crying so loud as he was laid in the bed. Throat again, doc saw and told us that he also had an infected throat. Got it from his ate. Was given another antibiotic for it. After a day, the fever was gone.

Both of them were okay after two days.

But that weekend was the most tiring I’ve ever had. Nevertheless, still was and is thankful because they were well and okay now.

But still the worries never vanished. JE is still in the news. I already had a reservation for two – on the day that Kiehl had check up. They say it will be available by first week of September. Third week is coming and still unavailable according to Doc whom I asked about ??

There’s a high demand resulting to a shortage of supplies.

But Doc Ordoñez was right when we told her that we’re so worried “Alam nyo ang pinakamagandang gawin is mag pray for protection, nothing beats prayer”. She’s very very true, although I always pray that as well ?

For now, let us all pray that our Almighty God protects our children not only from JE but from everything.