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Surprised 60th Birthday Celebration of Tatay

Tatay, the haligi of our tahanan. He who dis his best just to give us what we need. My taga hatid through a bike when I was studying in college. Our tagalako ng butse, palitaw and pilipit. That’s our means of living.

Tatay, the talkless father.

He is a good father to us, a good husband to inay and a good brother to his siblings. And he’s worthy to have a nice 60th birthday celebration.

I cannot remember now when Tiya Neneng and Tiya Nancy visited us in Pampanga, but that was the time when they told me they want to celebrate Tatay’s birthday. My initial plan is just to have a family lunch out. And I agreed to have a surprise celebration.

Planning and budgeting were the next thing I did. Reserved a private pool at DJ resort in November 2017, and started buying decorations and some other things needed for the event. Constantly communicating with my titas regarding the plan.

His birthday was on January 30th, but because it was weekday, we celebrated it on February 3rd.

Came that date. We left Pampanga at 4am. Went first to DJ resort to leave the things for the party. Then went home in Cabatang. Inay knew the plan, she asked  my brother’s in laws to cook rice, tilapia and palabok. Then we left home at 10am. Naiwan muna sina inay at tatay, I told them that I just need to visit the dentist first then kita kita na lang kami.


And then we arrived at the venue. Dami na ng tao. I told them kasi that the party will start at 10am. So prang 11am na nakapag start. Everyone was busy. And I was so surprised to see how many foods were there in the table. Sobrang dami nakakatuwa. I thought it would only be the pastel, pork bbq and palabok. Pero there were more. Tatay’s siblings shared them. Tiya Neneng, Tiya Nympha and Arlene gave the lechon. Tiya Nancy gave the cake, and other foods na hindi ko na alam sino sa mga kapatid nya ang nagbigay.

Since dami na ng visitors, I informed Inay to go na sa DJ. Ito na nga…

I wasn’t there nung dumating sila. May binili kasi ako. I missed the moment when he was surprised. Buti na lang it was captured in a video. So here it goes.

Happy happy ang family. It was like a reunion na din. So thankful that Tatay’s siblings and their families were there. Nakakatuwa. I prepared 6 something para naman hindi boring ang party and some games as well.

Sharing with you the pictures to tell the whole story.