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Anong Ganap?

Dahil I am happy because I was able to catch the first trip going to Pampanga and which supposedly 1230am first trip pero umalis na ng 1130pm and which nakaabot ako although I am sitting here at the middle seat na intended for last passenger na. But at least hindi standing.


Yan ang ganap!

Grabe momshies!

Sobrang tough ng Q1 close namin. The entire month of April super occupied kami. And I am unable to blog because of that!

I don’t have April post huhu….

Kaya I am here again trying to bring back to blog. Hopefully ideas keep flowing.

Anong nangyari with my post’s absence? Well, summer! And JD’s re-enrolled at Kumon, this time she’s taking Math. She stopped kasi her Reading because daddy went busy with Lolo Erning, hindi na sya maasikaso kaya ayun, last February, she stopped. She’s good in English na rin naman so it’s okay.

What else?

Actually, ang hirap mag maintain ng blog. I can’t think of something to post. Something interesting, something that reader will go back and read again. Pero wala eh.

Kayo, ano po bang magandang ishare?

Isip muna ako ha.

God bless!