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What’s Your Take with Marijuana

Every time I hear the word marijuana, what first gets into my mind is that, it is a prohibited drug. In fact, I heard that it was the cause why Mark Anthony Fernandez got into jail in Pampanga – so it means it is really prohibited. Prohibited, here in the Philippines!


There are some countries where marijuana is legal and used as a medicine. One good example is the US. But wait, here’s the good news about it.

There are Florida Marijuana Doctors helping patients seeking medical cannabis therapy to establish strong personal patient-doctor relationships. They are working to build a strong Medical Marijuana community to help patients connect with dispensaries that will care for the patients.

These Doctors in Florida provide a superior patient experience through compassion, education and thoughtful consideration of the patient’s needs. They’re the leader in assisting patients with quality, convenient, reliable and trustworthy medical marijuana doctor evaluations in Florida.

Because I am not a patient, I hardly get this though, might consider seeing Sarasota Marijuana Doctors one day to better understand what they offer haha..

Anyways…. What I know is that, avoid this in the Philippines, don’t use marijuana.

But… consider marijuana doctors in America, ayt!

Till then,