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Look Into My Eyes

My eyes often get irritated or allergic to whatever that I am not certain yet. What I know is that, I need to wear a facemask every time I sweep our floor, or clean the dusted areas of our home. And that if I abruptly got into a very cold room.

Mag start na ko nun mag sniff sniff, then will get my eyes itchy, then mag sneeze sneeze, then runny nose. Sometimes my eyes turned red due to allergy.

There was one time, I had a headache, went to the clinic and asked for medicine. Because I want to take a stronger one, I asked the nurse to give me an Advil. He first asked me if I have allergies to medicine, I said no kasi wala naman talaga. After few hours, my eyes started to get itchy, so I scratched it and it got swollen na.

I went back to the clinic to ask for some eye drop. The nurse told me I maybe allergic to Advil, and I was shocked because I really was taking it dati pa. So he gave me anti histamine.

I shared this with my friend Jen – who also happened to have allergic reaction to medicine. So I did not ask for Advil na anymore, Biogesic na lang.

Then last August 25, I got sprained, I stepped on my son’s toy. We were going home in Tiaong the following day – August 26, my foot was really hurt and I hardly walked. So as advised by my husband (he told me to take Flanax the night before we went home, because it was the only medicine for pain reliever that we had at home) I took a Flanax after I had my coffee.

As we were driving our way home, mga after 30 minutes of taking the medicine, my eyes started to get itchy. I scratched my left eye, just a bit. Then I felt something unusual. Then both my eyes started to swell 🙁 And I also started to get colds.

Here are my photos taken on different time.





Worst allergic reaction my eyes got 🙁

I took claritin after this.

The day after tomorrow, I went to my dentist and when it was my turn, I told her na I got allergy kaya maga mata ko. Allergy from what? she asked. I told her from Flanax. She then shared me that she also has an allergic reaction from taking Flanax. She advised me not to take it, and any meds that has an aspirin – Advil, Mefenamic and Alaxan, yan bawal yan. Biogesic and Tylenol lang pwede.

I haven’t done my eye check up yet, super daming patients when I was about to have it checked at Borough. Kasi nga recently, my eyes always got dry.

To shun my eyes swelling again like this, never again to take risk in taking those mentioned medicine, mabuti na ang sigurado. Baka next time mag shut na talaga eyes ko.

Anyways, this is my first and last post for August. Grabe, super unti ng blog post ko. How can I increase my page rank.


Thank you pa din for taking time to read me 🙂

God bless us all!

Till then,