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Baby Thirdy

A month after my period, that was October 2018, I was feeling already feeling worried  because my monthly regular “red” had not come yet. I am a regular girl – meaning, my period comes on the exact count, there may be times earlier, but never late. Delayed 1 day, and I was having that strong feeling I might be pregnant, Came 2nd day and the feeling went strong, then on the 3rd day, I decided to have a PT or pregnancy test.

Viola! Two familiar red lines appeared after few seconds. It means, I am again pregnant – for the third time!


It wasn’t planned. Like our second.

But it is definitely a BLESSING from up above!

Nakakatawa pa when I was having an ultrasound – it was a trans V, (mommies can relate to me what trans V means 😉 ) So trans V ultrasound is an ultrasound that uses an instrument that goes inside your “V” and check the little one inside your tummy. It was my first time to have that in Parian Diagnostic Lab in Mexico Pampanga (kasi nga it’s a lot cheaper kapag sa province). The OB was a boy, but the assistant was a girl, who asked me to lay down when it’s my turn. She was trying to insert that instrument to me pero parang mali ang pinapasukan. I asked her tuloy

Me: “Miss sa pwet po ba?”

Assistant: “Hindi po ma’am, sa ano nyo po.”

Me: “Pero Miss parang mali yung pinapasukan eh.”

Assistant: “Ma’am yan tama na po?”

Me: “Hindi po, ako na lang po magpasok”

Kasi naman she wasn’t looking closely pano naman nya malalaman na tama papasukan… Muntik na sa poop ko ha! Hahaha….. Pinawisan ako dun kala ko iba na ang trans V ngayon, kalokah….

My baby thirdy will be a 3-year gap with Kuya Kiehl, and that is not so bad, there is still that much gap.

Today, baby tummy is now 18 weeks! 4 months and 2 weeks mommas! How time really flies! And I am excited to know what the gender is. I will have my ultrasound anytime on the week of February 23, my next OB appointment.

Many said that I am carrying a baby girl! Yipee! So let us see on Feb 23 😉

For now, I am enjoying this moment again. Good thing I am not “maselan” when I am pregnant. I can still commute from and to Pampanga going to my work in Pasay. Oh di ba? So God please keep me safe always. and Healthy!

Will keep you posted kahit na di kayo interested hehe…