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Ate Jhaydii’s First Trick or Treat at Conduent

October 30, 2018 – it was my dentist’s appointment. And since Jhaydii’s classes were cancelled due to typhoon, I decided to bring her with me. I reported for work first, half day and was shocked to see when I came in, there were Halloween decorations. And I remembered it was our MFSS Trick or Treat.

Sad to say we weren’t prepared. I asked if Jhaydii can join, they said yes. But I cannot take it if she would attend in jeans and shirt. So we hastily went to Toy Kingdom and bought her costume! Grabe, ayoko sana gumastos but it’s for our daughter’s happiness. Kaya sige na nga, bili na kahit mahal. Libo din ha! Hindi biro.

A no plan joining a trick or treat, here she goes enjoying another day at Conduent. She had fun!

Here she is joining the game…
And then candies candies inside the floor!!

And she had plenty!
Will she be going to the office in 2019 for another trick or treat??? Hmmmm…. Hopefully!
Till then,