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How to Grow Your Money Through Stock Investment

I honestly was ignorant of stock investment. Thank you to my colleague/friend who made me understand it a bit and made me decide to open an account via COL. And I am learning little by little.

It was January 2015 when I opened my COL account with Php5,000 initial deposit. And it’s now my 4th anniversary of investing 🙂 Read through here on how you can open an account at COL Financial Philippines. I downloaded forms from their website, filled them out and emailed/faxed including the requirements and I was able to get in. No personal appearance happened. They will respond through email if you missed any of their requirements. They also required me to send the original documents via courier. After that, they emailed me my account number and temporary password.

Fast forward to today. I can say that it was a right decision to invest our money in stocks rather than in a bank. Our investment has grown to 63% now. Of course we added funds irregularly (yeah not regularly), in fact the last time we funded was last March 2017. I do trading whenever I have material gain – and never withdraw those gains, hence, growing our money to 63% now.

Your savings in bank in the amount of Php30,000 will not give you Php450 quarterly – but in stocks it will. When I bought GLOBE, I received quarterly dividends of P450 (dividends depend on how much number of shares you have – the more, the merrier), and I had it for a year. I sold it when I had a feeling that the price will drop due to the 3rd Telco. And I gained Php6xxx from it 🙂

Going back to my first drooling gain (drooling na sa akin kasi happy na ako sa na gain with just some click of the mouse). The JFC or Jollibee which I bought for 211.xx in January 2015, I bought another shares for different prices. If you would notice in the picture below, hindi pa ako marunong to buy that time, basta buy and buy lang ako. Then I sold it at a lower price on April 23, 2015 so my loss ako. Then shunga lang to buy again at almost the same price the following day. Then on December 23, 2016 – the price dropped at P186.xx, I had a chance to buy more shares – na nagpababa ng average price ko. My average market price then for JFC was P206. Then sold it last January 25, 2018 at Php290 – and I gained Php10,xxx! So happy happy na ko dyan. Sharing with you my monitoring sheet – I maintain an excel file of all the stocks I have.


I bought again JFC last July 2018 for Php247 – and sold it at Php324 with gain of Php7K…..

Those gains are invested again. Kaya yan, my investment has grown to that percentage.

Investing in stocks is not always a sure win. I am not an expert though, but I am okay with trading with little gain. Sometimes the market is low – making your portfolio bloody red….

And I am more than happy seeing my port all in green – market high tayo ngayon mga ateng….


Look at that 87.86% gain, ang saya di ba (naglalaro pa yan minsan at 94.xx%)? I don’t have plan of selling that stock though. Because I bought it at almost an IPO and the price is really increasing. Baka maging milyon na yan someday  hehe so long-term sya for now.

So if you want to grow your money, invest in stocks and learn how to trade 🙂 ask me how! (chos) But of course, savings will stay for emergency purposes naman.

Feel free to leave comment here if you think this post seems helpful 😉 Thank you in advance!

Till then folks,