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How to Develop Your Child’s Study Habit

Every parent I’m sure wants their child to do good in school. They don’t want to see failing grades in their report cards. As early as K1, parents are already feeling proud of their child’s achievement kahit na gaano man yun kasimple.

When Jhaydii was K1, I was always present in her school activities, be it dance or just whatever. It makes me feel proud of her milestones, kahit na hindi naman nya talent ang pagsayaw hehe. Even until now that she’s in Grade 1, I make sure to watch her performance, it will also etch in her mind that I was there during her performance.

But how about her study habits?

Unfortunately, she’s not developing it yet, I can see that she enjoys more time playing, watching, and using cellphones rather than studying at home. Kung di mo pa sabihan to do her homework, she will not. But the good thing is, she’s focused naman when we’re reviewing every time they have a quiz or periodical exams.

But albeit that, thankfully she is doing good in school and one of the top 5 in their class. I can say, it’s all her own because I am not helping or reviewing her every night before her schools.

And also, she was one of the pupils who competed in EZAAM 2018-2019 (East Zone Athletic and Academic Meet) for the Bible Quiz – ended 4th place among 21 private schools in East Zone Pampanga. When she was in Kinder 2, she was also chosen, together with the other 3 students to compete in Science and Math subjects, but did not end in any place (was a nice experience though).

Okay okay, my husband and I want her to develop her study habit. We already enrolled her In Kumon – Reading last 2017 then stopped after a year, and then Math in May 2018 – to help her develop nga her study habits. But still to no avail. Napapagalitan pa nga namin sya when she’s answering her Kumon Math worksheets too slowly.

She stopped her Kumon for a month – dahil na din umalis ang aming kasama sa bahay and for her to rest na din. But we’re very proud of her achievement, she was 6 months advance for her grade level. And we decided to bring her back to Kumon.
To help her not to be scolded every time she’s doing Kumon and to help her develop her study habits, I am planning to make a daily planner for her. She needs to check every task that she was able to complete. Hopefully this works. And tutal, mahilig naman sya sa notebook, grabe naka ilang notebook na sya – drawing and writing notes for us ang peg nya.
And here are some of the ways that could help pa:
1. Plan a regular homework time. Remind kids when it’s time to do homework and help them get started. Remain firm regardless of any protests or excuses. By being consistent, you’ll facilitate consistent results. (Proverbs 29:17)

2. Be available to answer questions. You may want to read or work nearby while kids do their homework. Encourage them to try solving problems themselves first before they turn to you for help. (Proverbs 16:20)

3. Cheer them on. Speak specific words of praise often. After an especially challenging lesson or project, give kids a small reward, but avoid using rewards as a bribe.

4. Post a study calendar. Kids can pencil in their homework times, due dates and test dates on it. For large projects, help them break them down into steps and write these steps on the calendar. (Proverbs 12:1)

5. Create a special notebook for logging assignments. Kids can write down what they’re assigned each day, so they won’t forget. This is also a good place for keeping a list of classmates’ phone numbers to call when they need help.

6. Keep in touch with teachers. Meet regularly with your children’s teachers to stay aware of the subjects they’re learning, special projects and teachers’ expectations. (Deuteronomy 6:1-9)

Hopefully this works para di na sya mapagalitan and to help her manage her time effectively.

But in totality! Know that we are so so proud of you ate Jhaydii! I hope you continue doing and excelling in your class, it’s for your future baby! We want all the best for you and your siblings! Remember that. Kahit na napapagalitan ka namin, know that we love love you so so much. Thank you for everything, for making us proud and happy 🙂

Can you all relate mommies? How are you helping your kids in their study? Can you share what are your techniques in developing their study habits? Thanks in advance!