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Our Baby Thirdy is a Girl

We’re having another baby girl again 🙂 And this is what we wished for, even Ate Jhaydii wants a baby girl. So solo si Yeyey na boy, our middle child.

Last February 22, 2019, Friday I had my lab (for urine and sugar) and ultrasound. I went to the SFUC clinic at around 6am so I would be the first patient and yes I was.

After paying Php988 for the laboratory test to be done, I was asked to drink the glucose drink – the very sweet, concentrated drink that needs to finish right away, I mean drink it straight. Ang tamis sobra!

glucose drink

Then after drinking, the lab assistant told me to wait for an hour before blood extraction. Uwi muna sa bahay since it’s still early and waited at home na lang for an hour then went back to the clinic at 8am.

Blood was extracted, urine was also collected – then another hour to wait for the result.

While waiting for the result, I was also waiting for the OB that will do my ultrasound. We waited for more than an hour – OB arrived almost 10am. Yan talaga tayo eh, we’re patient so we need to patiently wait for the Doctors hehe. I was the first on the list, iba talaga pag maaga. It was my turn na, and yey I got to see our baby for the first time, 2D nga lang. She’s fine and okay.

Pero hindi agad nagpakita ang gender nya because nakaipit. The doctor told me balikan na lang uli ako and she’d call another patient muna. I walked ng konti para gumalaw si baby. It was after two patients when I requested kung pwedeng ako na uli isalang kasi I was waiting for more than an hour na and inip na husband ko.

And thankfully when I was checked again, agad agad nakita ni Doc, girl sya! Yey, ang ngiti ko walang kapantay because I really want another girl. We have a name na nga eh pero saka na reveal pag andyan na sya.

baby thirdy

Thank you God for granting our wish. And please protect us all the way through delivery. Please keep our baby thirdy healthy as well as me. Please keep us away from harm and any infections. Please keep us always safe. Thank you thank you so much for this another blessing.

Baby tummy will be 24 weeks tomorrow, 16 more weeks and she’ll be with us na. Six months na sya! Ang bilis lang. And my belly with baby thirdy is the biggest of my three pregnancies. Super stretch na sya.

And oh, by the way – my sugar result as interpreted by Dra Samonte was high. It was 161, should be 130 lang daw. So she gave me another request to test my sugar again, this time with 8 hour fasting. Sana hindi na mataas. I am not diabetic, maybe my love for ripe mangoes was the main reason of my high sugar.

Till my next baby thirdy post!