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Happy 7th Birthday Ate Jhaydii!

It was 21st of March 2012 when I delivered you.
It was with rain shower when we were on the way to see you.
You didn’t give me problems nor difficulties when I was carrying you.
You made your entire 9 months in me so easy because daddy was not here beside me.

It took about 4 hours of labor before you came out.
I pushed you out so easily, it really wasn’t hard.
Thanks baby for being so kind even if you’re still inside then out.

For almost three years, I got to see you weekly because mama works far.
And thanks to inay and tatay they helped me took care of you and love you unconditionally.
I missed to witness some of your important milestones, because mama works for your better future.
Daddy wasn’t here as well to check on your humors.
But still, inay and tatay fulfilled that space in yours.

When you were three, daddy settled here for good finally.
We now both were able to be with you every day, every time we’re no more lonely.

You were so loquacious at a young age, very early to start to talk straight at two.
Only with “s” you were at flaw, because you pronounced it as “et”
Never ending questions, cute questions you asked from us and we needed to have ready response.
Up to now, you still have that inquisitive and why’s

You started to be a you tube baby at three or four and expand your vocabulary.
With your own and with the help of Hulyan and Maya, you learned to speak English alone.
Thus we maintain it and let you communicate to us using those accents and tones.
Such amazing kid you were/are!
I was clueless how you were able to learn correct grammar on your own ?
You’re even better than me and your daddy so keep it up baby Jhaydii!

We were so excited when you were already in school.
We were looking forward to what you always brought at home.
You didn’t fail us, you were one of the honors in your classroom.
And maintain it until now that you’re grader in the same school.

You have so much more to deal with life.
But always remember baby we are just always here at your side.
We’re here to guide you and hope to give you the best in life.
Hope you grow up a well-mannered girl with fear in God.

Now that you are seven, we hope that you enjoy more of what life brings.

Happy 7th birthday Ate Jhaydii! You already have shown so much at your young age.
And we’re doing our best to provide for you and your siblings a better future.
You are God’s precious gift to us.
We thank God for gifting us YOU.
May God always protect you and keep you healthy.
We love you so much so dearly!
Let’s enjoy and celebrate your birthday solemnly with family 🙂

With lots of love,

Daddy, Mama, Yeyey and baby tummy