Sugar Test at 23 and 27 Weeks

As what I’ve shared in my post Our Baby Thirdy is a Girl, I had my first sugar test wherein I took a 50mL glucose drink. And the result was 161 – that high! (Parang nung time lang ni JD – that’s why I had an OGTT that time – the result on that is on the top picture of this post) On my pre-natal check up after that, my OB told me that I need to have my sugar tested again. She gave me a request slip, need to fast for 8 hours, then take a sample of my blood, then eat, then extract another blood sample after 2 hours of eating.

I went back to SFUC on March 21 to perform the test. It was also our eldest’s birthday so I’m kind a busy but still found time to do the lab test. mahirap na maging mataas ang sugar and to have GD or gestational diabetes. I shun eating sweets in preparation for my sugar test. Although sometimes di ko talaga maiwasan di tumikim haha. In fact, I ate Mango Bravo pa nga and avocado with condensed milk a day before I had my sugar test. Buti na lang hindi tumaas sugar ko.

And here’s the favorable result, natuwa talaga ako nung makita ko sya grabe 🙂

After fasting was 92 mg, after 2 hours of meal was 82 mg. Normal value should be between 70-110. Saya diba!

Here’s what I’ve got from Mayo Clinic about why this test is done.

Source: Glucose Tolerance Test


The glucose tolerance test, also known as the oral glucose tolerance test, measures your body’s response to sugar (glucose). The glucose tolerance test can be used to screen for type 2 diabetes. More commonly, a modified version of the glucose tolerance test is used to diagnose gestational diabetes — a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy.

Why it’s done

The glucose tolerance test identifies abnormalities in the way your body handles glucose after a meal — often before your fasting blood glucose level becomes abnormal.

 That’s it! We really need to be healthy when we are pregnant.

However, I have a new problem. My urine test pus cells was high. Naka affect siguro yung pag fast ko that I had not much water intake. So need to work on lessening the pus cells otherwise, I will be given antibiotic.

Hopefully like my prior pregnancies – maging normal urine ko. Para safe kami both ni baby.

And I am on my 27th week now. Do you know that:

I experienced leg cramps twice na. Hirap mga mommies, ang sakit na napapasigaw ako huhu.

I am constipated. Grabe hirap mag poop haha..

Backaches pero minimal lang naman.

I did not gain weight – still at 122lbs. Siguro dahil I shunned sweets kaya ganun.

I went to EK together with my family in Tiaong to celebrate Ate Jhaydii’s birthday. So ayun, 3 rides lang pwede ko sakyan. Pero discounted naman, I only paid 375 for me.

Those are normal, buti nga mabait uli sa tummy ko si baby thirdy, hindi nya ko pinahihirapan like my first two babies, babait nila!

So till my next pregnancy journey! I will share with you the 3D of our baby thirdy. Para naman lahat sila nagka 3D. This coming March 29, I will have it na.

SO till then 😉