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A Peek of Our Baby Thirdy in My Womb

And on March 29 on my 27th week to baby Thirdy, I had a congenital ultrasound. And I am so happy to see that everything is normal. The scanning took about almost an hour. But unfortunately on my first scan, she didn’t show her face that is why I needed to go back on April 12 to check the face.

And finally upon my return, the face showed up – again everything is normal. And here is the result.

The package I availed was with 3D picture, but still baby did not cooperate. The right angle to best view and take picture with was not okay. The OB asked me to go back again, but I already felt tired of going back and sadly, it’s not refundable. Okay lang, I already saw baby Thirdy whom I think looks like Kiehl.

And by the way – happy naman ako with the result. And about the urine test which I had 8-10 pus cells, after 7 days of taking antibiotic, I got cleared. I now have 3-5 pus cells.


Till here muna…