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Celebrating InayDear’s 60th Birthday

Last June 2, we celebrated InayDear’s 60th birthday in advance. This is to make sure that I can attend to it, my tummy was 37 weeks already during that day. I filed my leave a month earlier than my EDD para nga di agad ako makaanak and to be present in this celebration.

Nakisama naman si baby tummy. I didn’t give birth agad, just felt so heavy lang that time kasi ang laki na ng tyan ko.


Celebration. Inay didn’t want to have any party at all, but we insisted and we already had a plan. We gave Tatay a party so it’s her turn naman. Inay was thinking of the expenses because sabay sabay nga, and I also will be giving birth. Nagshare share naman kami ng mga brothers ko to make it happen.

So came June 2 and we held the party emotionally. We had a surprise! Our brother who is in Saudi came home to surprise Inay. He arrived on May 27, stayed in our brother’s home in Sariaya, away from our home in Tiaong. He only appeared talaga nung birthday ni Inay.

The party had 20 dances and it was the time when our brother came. Nakakaiyak din naman. We felt how Inay was so happy kissing and hugging our brother as she was crying. Everyone was also crying. Ang saya talaga kapag hindi na i spoil ang sorpresa, very effective and nakaka touch. It also had 20 candles and 20 balloons.





So finally we have a family picture na complete kami. Gonna blow this one up kahit na kung saan saan kami nakatingin hahaha.


So thankful ako to my two brothers who helped me made this celebration a success. Also thank you to Tiya Neneng and Tiya Nympha for the lechon, Ate Ria for the coffee jelly, Ate Neth for the cake and Joice for being the emcee and turned the celebration even more memorable and fun. Also thank you to all the visitors who came to witness as Inay turns 60 years young.

We most especially thank God for giving her another healthy life. Thank you God for all your wonderful blessings to my family. Please keep us all safe from harm and sickness.

Inay, thank you for everything that you had and have done for us. For doing your best just to provide for our family. I witnessed all your hardships, all your sacrifices that is why at a young age, I dreamed of doing my best to uplift our family’s financial condition. Thank you for always backing us up, for supporting our dreams. Thank you for always being there especially now that we have our own families. These words are not enough to express how much we love you. We also would like to apologize for the wrong doings we may had, dala ng kabataan 🙂

Enjoy your life Inay now that you are a senior citizen. Enjoy serving the Lord in all your time. Just be safe all the time, you and tatay.

Love lots,