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Wow Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick!

Thanks to my cousin Joice for letting me used her lipstick when I wasn’t able to find mine during InayDear’s birthday celebration last June 2. After eating lunch, sinantomas na ma sauce using my hands pa nga para mas masarap ang kain, I asked my husband if I still have the lipstick on kasi I can still feel it. And he said yes I still have it. I asked Joice the brand and she shared me that it is a Maybelline lipstick Super Stay.

Wow! As in wow!

Yung ibang lipsticks na I used like Loreal and Avon – yan lang naman kasi brands na gamit ko kasi affordable hehe., they easily fade after eating or even just drinking coffee.

Because I was amazed, I ordered from Lazada – the Versatile color. According to the description, the lipstick lasts for 16 hours. I used it when I attended my son’s Nutrition Month celebration last July 19. And wow, after eating and taking a bath, I still have it on and still clear.

It was difficult to remove then I found out that meron pala talaga syang eraser – the Maybelline lipstick super stay eraser. I bought it for P299 from Lazada.

The next time that I used the lipstick, I used the eraser to remove it – so yeah, it was effective.

Here’s it.

Galing di ba?

I alap tried wearing it overnight. Aba mga mommies, more than 24 hours pa sya tumagal!

It is highly recommended if you don’t want several retouching, yung tipong all day long mo sya suot, tipid pa.

So a review of these Maybelline products:

Super Stay Lipstick- P199 (sale from Lazada)

Super Stay Lipstick Eraser- P299 from Lazada

Approved !

Till then,