About the Author


This is about me, my journey and how I was and am able to cope up with life’s struggle and how I live my life to the fullest.


About Me:

I was born on March 3, 1981 at Brgy. Cabatang Tiaong, Quezon, nurtured and took care by my parents Fedirico and Corazon Lieva. I am the eldest of four and the only daughter. In the Philippines, eldest has the social responsibility to help her family in their everyday living, I do it not as my responsibility but because I want to do it, it’s my dream, helping them as much as I can. My parents have no permanent job, my father became a carpenter, helper, and now a peddler. My mother worked in one of the local small companies in Lusacan, gawaan ng paru-paru, a househelp, a peddler and now a volunteer in BVMQW as a catechist. Their jobs made me built my dreams of helping them someday.


My Childhood:

My early years as I said made me realized how destitute our family was, it was etched in my young mind to help my family uplift our condition. I saw how my parents strived harder for our living, I saw how they tried their best to feed us and give us education. We did not complain. We experienced having salt and water as viands, we experienced eating ipa (which was being eaten by the pig) because we had no money to buy rice, but it is still a rice, yun nga lang, super ginagamit na syang pakain ng baboy that time. I hidden cried during that time, and promised that I will really do my best to give my family a better living. During my childhood and when I was in my elementary years, I was not ashamed peddling, I helped my parents selling banana que, donut, and accompanied inay and tatay sa pangunguha ng bagin from nearby barangay. Do you know what bagin is? It is a vine, growing in the forest, it was being bought because they say, it is the raw material of a coffee. Bago pa po kami makaipon ng ilang kilong bagin, we needed to endure the heat of the sun finding many bagin as many as we can. Despite this, I still was able to become the top one student of our class. Yes I came from a public school, Cabatang Elementary School, but I am proud to say that. This achievement became my foundation building my dreams.


My Teenage Years:

I actively participated in our school Lusacan National High School, became the top 3 during my first year, sadly at top 5, then top 6 top 9 and then top 13 when I was in fourth year. At first, I regret that I did not make it to top 5, I even did not have any academic awards, yet despite that, my dreams were still there. I still helped my parents earning a living, we still looked for bagin in the forest, I was selling bibingka during school vacation.

My College Life:

Looking at our status, it seemed that my parents had no capacity to send me to college. However, I did not lose my hope, it was the last week of taking entrance examination and scholarship at Canossa College, God was so great that He granted me one of my dreams, getting into college as a scholar. Scholar not only means academic, we also were required to serve in exchange of the scholarship we had. I became a student assistant in the library, we likewise need to maintain the 2.5 grade in our entire years. Fortunately, I made it and became a dean’s lister. The scholarship I had was only for the school and other miscellaneous fees, allowance was not included. I needed to pay for my fare and foods. My parents really was unable to give me that daily allowance, and so in order for me not to stop, I sold palitaw, yema and butse in our school, I only had 20 pesos in my pocket. After my class, I always went to San Pablo market to buy goods to be made as my paninda the next day. I needed to wake up very early to help inay prepare my paninda. That was my daily routine, my classmates had a big part in my education, they were my loyal customers, thanks guys for helping me out! When I was in my second year of college, I fortunately met a fourth year student who was having a tutorial service, she went into a recollection and was out of the school for 3 days, she had me as a temporary tutor of her student Elaine Carta. And when she graduated, I became the permanent tutor of Elaine and his two brothers, Eman and Jeff. I also have one in our boarding house. Tutoring helped me a lot in my college years, I even gave my parents money when I had an extra. God really is always great, He was always there for me and never leave me up until now. I proudly graduated as a CPSGL, as a Canossian. I will repay you someday for the help you have given me and my family. Aside from that, during our semestral breaks, I was also selling palitaw and ihaw ihaw in front of Cabatang Elementary School, and in the afternoon, selling ihaw-ihaw in the waiting shed few walks away from our home. Those were the ways how I lived my life then.


The Present:

Those experiences helped me achieved my dreams, I’ve gone through many difficulties but I never gave up. Now, I still am here, helping my family having a better living. Being a breadwinner is one of the great experiences I have, being able to help my family is one of my dreams, it never ceases. I have proven that being poor is not a hindrance to become successful, you can do better with your life if you only will strive harder and keep dreams at hand. God also does not leave us, He’s always there guiding us in achieving our dreams.


This was the home where we lived for 27 years, it witnessed our ups and downs our cries and laughter. I am lucky to be blessed with a loving family. They are my inspiration.

I am a Senior Accountant by profession, currently honing my knowledge and taking up my masters degree in Business Administration at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. See I never stop dreaming, having a masteral degree is one of my dreams, and God gave it to me. My hobby is this, online writing. I may not be as good as others, I may not be as famous as others what I have is what I feel, and I want to express it through writing, purpose is to inspire others. This is the reason why finally, I tell you bits of my life story. You may not be interested, but what I want is to inspire other people especially the poor and convey to them that you can never be poor in your entire life if only you have your dreams and strive hard.


I incessantly am guided by this quote which I read in our PE room when I was in my second year of college;


“Dream your dreams,

Then do your best.

Never stop and never rest,

Until those dreams are yours.”

Why I Just Opine?

Opine lifted from the word – opinion, I entitled it as such as I am mostly expressing my opinions and ideas about anything, but this blog is a posting of anything under the sun.

I love joining contest, especially those sponsored by Nuffnang, I tried to win, but never been so lucky  haha, nevertheless, I have won some, here are the contest posts I’ve written and won.

                     1. I won a 7107 Cruise Gift Check worth P5,000 at Di Makalilimutang Perstaym, I shared my first time international business trip in Utah USA last 2009.

perstaym ko

                     2. I won  Glutamax Products from Ysa Skin Care having this post entitled The New Me. It narrates how I achieved a jampacked confidence with Glutamax products 🙂

                      3. I brought home an Apple iPod Shuffle from Sunsilk and 14 bottles of complete Sunsilk Shampoo, yey!! My major prize aha, I shared here how I achieved my long black hair using Sunsilk shampoo, major major see it at Only Beautiful Hair from the New Best Ever Sunsilk Completes My Fashion Statement.

                     4. Tommy Hilfiger sponsored a contest last Feb 11, 2011 in celebration of Valentine’s Day, I was chosen as one of the thirty (30) winners of Him and Her Tommy Hilfiger Loud Pefume. My entry is entitled, I Want To Shout and Get Loud

Tommy Hilfiger Nuffnang Contest

I keep on joing contest and wishing my luck, I hope there will be number 4, 5, 6 7, 8, 9……..xxxxxxxx…. That would be very nice! 🙂 So keep on blogging Dhynnes.

I also have another blog, it’s also anything about something The Epitome of Me, do drop to it too 🙂 Thanks!