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Mind Your Own Business

Posted by Dhina Lieva on Wednesday Aug 12, 2015 Under Business, Life

One year ago, we ventured into a farm investment hoping that it could yield more profit like the other persons I knew who also do the same. It was our first try, attracted by how much others were earning through eggplant farming. The capital could yield for almost 200%, may kasamang swerte ika nga. Because one of the challenges to face is the fortuitous event; typhoons, floods and pests are common challenge.

 photo FB_IMG_1439310209131_zpsuygif7sm.jpg

We had a industrial partner, he was the one who’s taking care of the farm. Our first try was not so lucky, we didn’t get any profit,  we lost our earnings from it. Kung nag franchise na lang sana, madaming food cart na yun. Our loss gives and makes us hesitant to venture into that kind of business again. Mahirap kalaban ang kalamidad at inang kalikasan. We accepted it albeit it was hard, wala ng magagawa nangyari na eh.

We don’t stop thinking of a business to venture someday. For us, we can’t be employee for life, dapat may sariling business din, so mind our own business as well, while we’re still earning. Some food carts by franchise – we are considering this. We just need to prepare our pocket,  we don’t have fund to provide to our planned business yet… thus we need to work work and save save for the business on our mind. We need this to materialize, hopefully soon.

With prayer,

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Naks adventure talaga! No it’s not, ah pwede din pala, half business half pleasure ????

This is actually late post #latepost, my CA business trip happened last October and early November 2014 (3 weeks business trip). I and my 2 staff Shiela and Ralph went to LA for a Disney transition, and we’re occupying the Disney office hehe, not the theme park huh but the office where Disney employees are working.

I didn’t go to Disney, Shoela and Ralph did, I was at San Francisco then. But I went with them at Universal Studios, Walk of Fame and…..and…. oh not Hollywood sign, nobody drives us there huhu. But I’ve been at the Golden Gate, what more memorable here was meeting my sister in law and her family. She hasn’t been to PH for more than 12 years and I know she misses her family in the Philippines very much.

Need not to tell much story now, I forgot some of the details and happenings. Let me share with you na lang the pictures that depict how I treasure my CA stay. And hoping to visit another state again after Salt Lake City Utah, Dallas Texas and North Holywood LA California, wishing another state to visit, Xerox I’m still willing, my visa is not expired yet, I can go there until 2019 ????so help me Lord.

pictures to follow…..


Till then,

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On Stocks

Posted by Dhina Lieva on Wednesday Jun 10, 2015 Under Business

I don’t want to see my portfolio nowadays, I would rather keep it unopen, until it gets green. I started investing in stocks last January, at first it was really bloody, then I felt happy when it eventually got greeny. Until last month, it dropped, I am seeing reddish numbers on my portfolio. But anyway, because my goal is long term, I will let it be and hoping that it recovers and gain as months go by.

Till then,

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Posted by Dhina Lieva on Thursday May 21, 2015 Under Affiliated Computer Services Philippines, Business, jobs, Photography



Over a year ago with my former team-mates :) Picture with a purpose.

 photo _blue m_zpsjzpsjx9y.jpg

Till then,

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Let’s Sing in Praise

Posted by Dhina Lieva on Saturday Oct 18, 2014 Under Affiliated Computer Services Philippines, Business, jobs, Travel

In a moment like this, hours of sitting and waiting to board, let me use it effectively. I am now here at Taiwan airport and enjoying the free wifi this place offers. And since again I am writing using my samsung mobile, pardon the misspelled words. This touchy-techy-qwerty thing sometimes does not type correctly hehe…

I am in a deep mourning these days, my mother-in-law reposed and joined our Creator on an unexpected day. Well, who expects death anyway? That is why we need to be good all the time, come moment that we need to be in the place where we all should be, we are ready.

Let us sing in praise for all the blessings God has bestowed me and my family. I want to express it like singing along with a guitar and acoustic guitar tuner. I think i can do it nicer even though I don’t know how to hum. I just wish I can, and sing like Catherine Loria or Aiza Seguerra ?. Praise you oh Lord for giving me the rare opportunity for this business trip, my 3rd time in US. Utah Dallas and now Los Angeles. This is a trip but a challenging tasks await. Let me and my colleagues do it excellently. With you my Lord.

okay and it is already 3:21 pm here in Taiwan, boarding starts at 4:20, one hour more and we are good to go to LA. 12 hours of flight. Please keep us all safe.

thank you again Lord for this day and everyday and for keeping my love ones safe and healthy, we owe it all to you.

Till then,

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The Unexpected News

Posted by Dhina Lieva on Tuesday Feb 18, 2014 Under Business, jobs, Life, Travel, Utah

Just today…. I received a very good but unexpected news. I admit I am really unprepared for it. I did not have a mindset actually that it’s true. Hay… but in the contrary,  I was happy for it, I still have 3 days to prepare and go home to kiss and hug Jhaydii. I will tell you more about this when I get there.

This is in preparation for a more challenging role. Need more time and if pressure occurs,  sing, smile or find some cool gotoh tuners, cool right.

Going back to that unexpected news, finally again for the 2nd time. Love it. I’m going to use my US visa once again and my new machine readable passport. See you on Saturday US..

Thank you Lord for these countless blessings we are receiving.

Till then,

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Not Reaping What I Sow

Posted by Dhina Lieva on Wednesday Jul 31, 2013 Under Business, Daily Living, Education

I burned eyebrows for 1 1/2 years attending an 8-9 hours class during Saturdays, and after completing 45 units and after 6 months of vacation from class I decided to take the written and oral comprehensive exam – these happened during my pre and post pregnancy. I took time to review 4 major subjects and luckily I was able to pass them and took the oral comprehensive exam. This is my MBA degree – and with all the toils and efforts I marched, graduated and received my diploma last April 2013.

All the things that I visualized prior to getting an MBA do not materialize yet, I am not reaping what I sow yet. I am not saying I regret it, I am proud to say that I am an MBA holder. This will be an additional advantage, not now but maybe later, hopefully. I do not regret it that I even want to take some course and certification like CMA (Certified Management Accountant, this would need P50k PHP) or sociology degree online. Yes, I am very eager to learn more if only I can this time, without sacrificing my family and job.

But before doing so – I would want to reap first what I sow with my MBA. I did a research oh, actually browsed about how would you apply MBA. Nothing found that relates here in the Philippines – I stopped at 3 page of google search. I read 2, from Forbes.com, and the only thing that MBA was used is on a PROMOTION or getting a higher position, like what mentioned, moving up from Senior Systems Engineer to a Program Manager position in Xerox Corporation (my employer!) and eventually after 2 years joined in a smaller company and soon was EVP of a $30M biomedical products firm. Isn’t this a good motivation to have an MBA, that it is a proof that MBA really helps a thriving person to be in a higher position? That’s my purpose though, my ambition, the fruit I want to harvest. And is not happening yet.

I’m still, and how would I use my MBA anyway if I’m stucked here without doing anything? I need to move faster, AHEAD, I need to take steps and action, I need to establish a career plan and develop careeer vision and timeline. I must! Please be motivated DHINA to do this ;) so that you will reap what you sow.

Till then,

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Blogging: An Option of a WFHM

Posted by Dhina Lieva on Wednesday Jul 24, 2013 Under Business, Daily Living, Family, Internet/Web Design/ Blogging

I am in the midst of thinking to be beside my daughter all the time, to teach her everything to be her first teacher. When jd  isn’t born yet, I thought I wouldn’t stop working because I will feel boring and my education will be a waste.

All of these abates and I am starting to think of resigning and be a full time mom. I wanted jd’s bright future but how can it be when I am at home waiting for hubby’s remittance? I don’t want him to take all the responsibility of earning a living for us…I want to help him at the same time be beside our daughter.

As jd grows older there are many things I want. But choosing to stay at home comes first. And ting! I can still earn while doing that….Thanks to blogging, it is my best option to earn, work from home… No bosses, no attires to fit, no computers to see numbers just my personal ones even playbook or my samsung galaxy s4 which I am using right now.

Work from home, nice to hear. You can do what you want, home cleaning, watching tv with your daughter filling your samsung rb195acpn refrigerator, cooking, gardening and all those mom’s work at home, full time! Plus BLoGGING and earn from it!

Till then,

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Business…Sideline…Extra Income…Anyone?

Posted by Dhina Lieva on Friday Jun 7, 2013 Under Business, Daily Living

Are you thinking of investing or venturing into some business? Do you want to have an extra and passive income? Do you want to have a sideline and earn stipend other than the salaries you receive? Well, me too, I want those. :D

I told myself I will not be forever like this, being employed and paid for the services I rendered. I want someday, I will be paying the services of others, be my own boss and indulging in my own business. Me wants that. I want I want. Unfortunately as of now, I don’t have a clear idea and don’t have definite business to be vent with yet. La la la… I wish I wish, and I wish I would have enough fund as my investment, capital and etc. Hay…… Keep the positive vibes :)

Till then,

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The lazy and inspired-less writer/blogger has her blog PR0! L back to 0 rank from 1.  The highest I reached was PR2 haha. Anyway, it has nothing to do with my earnings, although it is sure that the higher the rank, the higher the earnings, but because I am just an ordinary blogger attending no blogger events, I run out of ideas and topic to write and blog about, so the consequence, PR0. But I am still thankful that although I have that low rank, I am still able to earn and paid to blog – thank you so much payu2blog, socialspark, payperpost, inpostlinks, adsense and nuffnang, my part time source of income!

Just like a product that has a life cycle, going through the stages of introductory, growth, maturity and decline, my blog I Just Opine is also passing through that. I have reached the point that I am very active updating and writing on my blog, 5 posts the maximum in a day, giving me more $$.xx, helped me in my MBA. It’s in the growth stage. Now, my income has decreased, because of course of the low rank and some of the paid to blog sites has not given assignment to me anymore – I won’t say I am in the maturity stage because I am not planning to retire it, I just had it renewed this month until 2014 for P1,050 or $26.00. I want to earn more from it, to eke the penny I spend for our living, or better yet, to save for JD’s future.

How can I earn more now with blogging? I need to attract more and more audience, imaging, from 2008 to 2012, my blog is already 4 years, but I only have 66k visitors? Too low right? Others for that age already gain 1M or more! (Hey Dhina, don’t regret it, you’ve said you earn, so don’t compare!) J

To earn more, I also created another blog entitled, Bloma… I Am the Mama – a blog about pregnancy, parenthood and baby, inspired to have this when I was about to give birth to our baby. And now it’s active (but outdated a bit) you may find it at wwwdot.mammapoko.blogspot.com (remove the word dot please). Check it please and see the yellow mother’s blog J

So until here, and I hope that after this post, I will be able to revert back to the higher PR for me earn higher.

Till then,

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